To be able to train in the Circus Studio you need a membership that fits your training.

After you bought your membership you can check-in at the tablet in the Circus Studio and you can start your training! 


Every weekday the Circus Studio Rotterdam is open from 9.00 to 18.00 hour (only Wednesday to 15.00 hour) for autonomous day training for circus professionals and circus amateurs with some experience. The building cannot be entered anymore after 16.30. But you can leave the building until 18.00. We are not open on official Holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc).

The studio is fully equipped for practicing circus: aerial rigging points, aerial material to borrow, a longe and crash mats. To rig up aerials, a special instruction is needed, you can find this in the terms and conditions at the sign up, or at the documents in your personal environment after logging in.

We offer the following autonumous day training memberships:

  • Autonumous day training - 1x entry €8
  • Autonumous day training - 10x entry, valid for a year €65
  • Autonumous day & open training + storage space - Unlimited entry for a year €390



At Tuesday evening and at Sunday the studio is open for open training. Acro, juggling, aerials or any other circus disciplines in all levels are welcome for the open training! A volunteer wil do the rigging for you. Check the schedule online for the next open evening and weekend training. 

  • Tuesday: 20.00 – 22.00 h
  • Sunday:  11:00 – 14:00 h

We offer the following open evening and weekend training memberships:

  • Open evening and weekend training - 1x entry €4
  • Open evening and weekend training - 10x entry, valid for a year €35